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In broad strokes, personal injury is when you get hurt because of someone else’s actions or their negligence. Many of the standards involved are just common sense. You probably have a case if someone rear-ended you at a stoplight. But you probably don’t if you rear end another person.

There’s a broad spectrum of injuries and other damages caused by someone else’s carelessness. Taking the time to explore our different practice areas can help you find more information on your specific circumstances.


We see it all the time, after an accident you may be unable to work. And with vehicle repairs, medical bills and other expenses piling up, the financial hardship can be difficult to overcome. You have enough to worry about without having to navigate the complex and detailed process of filing an insurance claim.  Let Sweet James protect your rights and handle all aspects of your insurance claims, medical treatments, and repairs. This will allow you to focus on recovery, while we focus on maximizing your compensation. Don't ever deal with the insurance company on you own.  Let your attorney, Sweet James, handle the details.

Personal Injury victims are often entitled to compensation when the accident was caused by someone else's negligence. This includes help with medical bills, lost wages, and other damages after an injury. We have helped hundreds of families throughout each and every step of their personal injury case. We know what it takes to achieve a successful result. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, we would like to offer you a free evaluation of your case. Click Here for more information.

Car Accidents can happen in a split-second, but the effects can be devastating for years to come. Recovery is not easy. Auto accidents can result in serious injuries or even death. We are here to help make your recovery easier, by protecting your rights and making sure you get the justice you deserve. For more information on how we can help after an auto accident, Click Here.

Motorcycle Accident cases are complex and detailed. After a motorcycle accident, you deserve a compassionate advocate. Many of our attorneys are riders themselves. We use our own experience and our resources to ensure you get the physical and financial recovery you deserve. To learn more, Click Here.

Slip & Fall Accidents, also known as premises liability claims, can be difficult to prove. It’s important to have tenacious attorneys in your corner. The California personal injury lawyers at Sweet James have the resources and experience to pursue your slip and fall accident. To learn more, Click Here.

Dog Bite Injuries,even a small one, can lead to serious injuries or trauma. Our full service personal injury attorneys are ready to help. We will help track down insurance, secure medical treatment, and communicate with the animal owners on your behalf. To get started, Click Here.

Wrongful Death cases are always devastating. Losing a loved one is tragic and can change everything for the family and friends of the deceased. It can be a very stressful and uncertain time, especially if the death was caused by someone’s negligence. As the surviving family, you may be left with unexpected monetary, physical, and emotional damages. Let our experienced and compassionate wrongful death attorneys handle every aspect of your case, while you and your family grieve the loss of your loved one. To learn more, Click Here.


Something that often seems to be the hardest part of an accident is admitting that you aren’t the expert when it comes to your own injuries. The stress of a traumatic event makes it very difficult to diagnose any harm that may have come to you. Sometimes injuries take hours, even days to manifest. The best thing for your case and especially for your own well-being is to have a professional determine what kind of injury you are dealing with.


We fight for our clients rights, in every case, no matter what. Our passion and dedication is how we are able to maintain a 98% success rate. We will never charge you with any initial cost, which is why we consistently put our own money and resources behind every case we represent. Our results speak for themselves. If you are looking for legal advice after an accident, contact us today. Your first call is 100% free, and you will pay absolutely nothing unless we win your case. Call (800) 500-5200 to get started. No Pressure. Just Answers.