Three People Injured in Long Beach Big Rig Crash

Three people were injured in a Long Beach big rig crash early Tuesday morning.  The accident left all lanes of the southbound 605 Freeway closed for a few hours.  At approximately 1:30AM, a Toyota Corolla collided with the big rig, causing the truck to overturn and collide with a BMW.  All drivers were taken to […]

Danny Trejo Saves a Child After Car Accident in Sylmar

On Wednesday afternoon, Danny Trejo witnessed a tragic two-car crash in Sylmar. He sprang into action and saved a child who was trapped. Around 3 p.m., a sedan ran a red light and struck a Ford Explorer. The SUV overturned, leaving three people in need of hospitalization. Due to the severity of the accident, some […]

USPS Driver Dead, Truck Accident in Garden Grove

The truck accident in Garden Grove took place early Sunday morning. The crash was caused by a suspected drunk driver, which was fatal to the driver of the USPS big rig. The 26-year-old suspect reportedly lost control of his Honda while driving east on the 22 Freeway through Garden Grove. He hit a signpost and […]