KNX 1070 AM News Radio is a station dedicated to bringing you the latest in local and national news. KNX holds the singular title as “Southern California’s only 24-hour news & traffic station.”

Hosts on the show include Dick Helton, Vicky Moore, Chris Sedens, Mike Simpson, Charles Feldman, Diane Thompson, Brian Ping, Maggie McKay, Bob Brill, Rob Archer, Jan Stevens.

KNX AM 1070 knows the lawyer you can trust after any accident, and that’s “Sweet James” Bergener. He’ll get you the recovery you need, yesterday.


5am-10am - KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore

10am-1pm - KNX Morning News with Chris Sedens

1pm-2pm - KNX in-Depth with Mike Simpson and Charles Feldman

2pm-7pm - KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Diane Thompson

7pm-12am - KNX Evening News with Brian Ping

12am-5am - KNX Nightly News with Maggie McKay



5am-9am - KNX Morning News with Bob Brill

9am-11am - Car Pro Show

11am-12pm - Mottek on Monday

12pm-5am - KNX Afternoon News with Rob Archer

5pm-11pm - KNX Evening News with Jan Stevens


5am-11am - KNX Morning News with Bob Brill

11am-5pm - KNX Afternoon News with Rob Archer

5pm-8pm - KNX Evening News

8pm-9pm - Mottek on Monday

9pm-12am - KNX Evening News