Unfortunately, Heidi Hamilton knows all too well what it’s like to be an injury victim who didn’t know where to turn. After being involved in a serious accident where she was ejected from a car and required more than a dozen stitches in her face, Heidi got the medical care she needed to recover. But she didn’t know the rights she had as a passenger in that accident.

Instead of getting an attorney, Heidi got a lot of medical bills. These are medical bills that should have been paid by the auto insurance company, but not everyone knows the complex rules regarding liability. Insurance companies use this to take advantage of those they have a responsibility to take care of. Heidi paid her medical expenses off herself.


Like most people, Heidi was unaware that it was something a normal person should do. Personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation, and it’s not completely unwarranted. Most people think of combovers, dirty shag carpet, and people looking for a pay-day for minor injuries.

That’s not Sweet James Bergener or the firm he built. Sweet James isn’t going to try to take your neighbor’s house or bankrupt the local pizzeria. We fight insurance companies.

Another reason people aren’t inclined to call an attorney is because attorneys are expensive! In a lot of cases that is true. But our firm operates on a contingency fee, which means we don’t take a dime until we win the case. You’ll never owe use anything out of pocket. And if you don’t have medical insurance, we can still help arrange the care you need.