Auto Accident Claims in Tough Times

Driver seriously injured after a semi crash on D Street [Victorville, CA]

Wall Street may seem far away, but an anemic stock market and stagnant economy can have unexpected effects on your life. Perhaps your insurance premiums have gone up or maybe you’ve experienced difficulty settling a claim. In the last year or so, we have noticed a real trend of auto insurance companies being more restrained,…

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Personal Injury Victims With Attorneys Are Awarded More Money

Insurance companies’ own research shows that accident victims who retain a personal injury attorney receive an average of forty percent more money than those who attempt to settle their case on their own, even after the legal fees are deducted from the final settlement. The Insurance Research Council, funded by leading property and casualty insurance…

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$500,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery led by Attorney Steve Mehr

2 Injured and Dog Died in Crash on Highway 50 [Rancho Cordova, CA]

$500,000 Recovered by Sweet James and Attorney Steve Mehr for Motor Vehicle Accident Victim Sweet James Accident Attorneys with Steve Mehr recovered a $500,000 settlement for their client after a motor vehicle accident left them injured. While traveling on the 15 Freeway, their client was struck by a hydroplaning vehicle. Due to the impact, they…

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Steve Mehr and Sweet James Recover $1 Million for Truck Accident Victim

Man Injured in Pedestrian Crash on Bear Valley Road [Victorville, CA]

Sweet James Accident Attorneys with Attorney Steve Mehr Recovered $1 Million Dollars for Truck Accident Victim after Disputed Liability The truck accident victim, represented by Sweet James Accident Attorneys and Steve Mehr, was working alongside the road when a large dump truck ran over his foot. The impact caused several fractures in both his foot…

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Steve Mehr, Sweet James Team Recovers $1.5 Million for Auto Accident Victims

Jamal McGee

Sweet James Accident Attorneys, Led by Steve Mehr Recovered $1.5 Million Dollars for Clients Injured in Auto Accident Two auto accident victims, protected by Sweet James, were struck by a speeding vehicle who failed to yield at an Oxnard intersection. As a result, both of them sustained serious back injuries and required hospitalization. Due to…

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$440,000 Motorcycle Accident Recovery led by Attorney Steve Mehr

steve mehr partner sweet james

$440,000 Recovered by Attorney Steve Mehr and the Sweet James Team for Motorcycle Accident Victim Sweet James Accident Attorneys led by Steve Mehr obtained a $440,000 settlement for their client after a motorcycle accident left him injured. Our client was traveling along State Route 60 on his motorcycle when a vehicle collided with him after…

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Attorney Steve Mehr, Sweet James Recovers $480,000 for Motorcycle Crash Victim

Alenso Torres and Magdalena Torres Injured in Motorcycle Crash on Highway 108 [Jamestown, CA]

Attorney Steve Mehr and Sweet James Accident Attorneys recovers $480,000 for Motorcycle Crash Victim after Liability Dispute. Steve Mehr and Sweet James Accident Attorneys represent a motorcycle crash victim who was attempting to make a right turn when the defendant abruptly changed lanes.  As a result, the defendant collided with the motorcyclist, propelling him into…

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Fast Facts From A Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Person Pronounced Dead after Traffic Crash on Interstate 10 [Bloomington, CA]

Not all injuries are catastrophic. Many injuries, although painful and debilitating, are less severe than others. A catastrophic injury is one that has serious, long-term consequences. Catastrophic injuries are common after truck crashes, severe motor vehicle crashes, and vehicle versus pedestrian accidents and can result in traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and paralysis. Catastrophic injuries are…

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Fast Facts From A California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle in California. The year-round sunshine, gorgeous views, and abundance of scenic routes make motorcycle riding a dream. People ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons: avoiding traffic, easy parking, thrill, and exhilaration. However, it’s that same thrill and exhilaration that makes motorcycle riding so dangerous. If you have…

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