95.5 KLOS

James Bergener teamed up with Heidi Hamilton back when it was the Heidi and Frank Show on 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles.  Since then, the show has brought back to life the old trio of Frosty, Heidi & Frank. As a chief sponsor of the show, James also supports some of the incredible events put on by the station like SOGFest, the Sabroso Taco Festival, and FHF Live at Five series.

Sweet James was instrumental in bringing his favorite music program, Jonesy’s Jukebox, back on the air. Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones, the incredible musician that he is, responded by picking up his guitar and writing a few odes to Sweet James you may have heard on KLOS during the Jonesy’s Jukebox program.


Attorney Sweet James Bergener advertises on KLOS because it’s the best way to help an injured person is to give them the information they need before an accident happens.

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