Fast Facts From A California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Fast Facts From A California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle in California. The year-round sunshine, gorgeous views, and abundance of scenic routes make motorcycle riding a dream. People ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons: avoiding traffic, easy parking, thrill, and exhilaration. However, it’s that same thrill and exhilaration that makes motorcycle riding so dangerous. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact motorcycle accident attorney Sweet James for a free consultation. 

Vehicle accidents happen daily. As a leading personal injury attorney, Sweet James helps victims of auto accidents and motorcycle accidents every day. While all types of accidents are devastating, motorcycle accidents are especially harmful and deadly. Motorcycle accidents frequently occur on California’s busy roads. 

Victims of motorcycle accidents should consult with an experienced Orange County motorcycle attorney to ensure that they are receiving the maximum compensation for their pain and suffering. If you have not been in an accident, but you or someone you love rides a motorcycle, there are some facts you should know that will help keep you safe on the open road. As a result, here are some fast facts from top California motorcycle accident attorney Sweet James

California Motorcycle Accidents

California leads the nation in the sheer volume of motorcycles on the road., with close to one million registered bikes in the state. 

A major cause of motorcycle accident fatalities is a disregard for basic safety. All motorcyclists and their passengers wear a helmet for their safety, regardless of the law. 

California Vehicle Code Section 27803 mandates that all motorcycle drivers and motorcycle passengers have to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle or similar motor-driven cycle, like a motorized bicycle. California has seen so many devastating motorcycle deaths. As a result, the law makes it illegal for a helmeted passenger to ride on a bike with a motorcycle driver that is not wearing a helmet. 

Despite these laws, motorcyclist deaths due to not wearing a helmet increased by a whopping 9% in 2016. Overall, California motorcycle fatalities increased by 11% from 494 in 2015 to 548 in 2016. 

California motorcycle accidents are most likely to occur in urban areas. In addition, men between the ages of 25-34 are most likely to be injured in motorcycle collisions. 

Speeding is a major cause of motorcycle accidents, in addition to lane-splitting, wet pavement, and driver aggression. 

While motorcycle accidents are not always avoidable, CHP offers several safety courses and tips to teach riders proper safety. To stay safe, they recommend always wearing a helmet, remaining sober, staying vigilant for obstacles, and obeying all laws. 

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Overall, the United States is home to a devastating number of motorcycle accident injuries and motorcycle accident deaths every year. 

Every year Sweet James reviews the statistics in order to better serve his clients and community. Here are the most recent findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that caught his attention: 

  • 4,985 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes in 2018
  • 28% of motorcyclist riders that died in 2017 were drunk or otherwise impaired
  • 29% of motorcyclists did not wear Department of Transportation (DOT) – compliant helmets in 2018. 
  • Of the motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2017, 29% were riding without valid motorcycle licenses
  • Motorcyclists continue to be over-represented in traffic-related fatalities, accounting for 14% of all traffic-related fatalities. While representing only 3% of the entire registered motor vehicle fleet.
  • Motorcyclists are about 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash.

These statistics come straight from the NHTSA website. In addition, are a startling reminder of how important motorcycle safety is to all drivers and passengers. 

California motorcycle lawyers see more motorcycle accident victims than most others in the nation. The popularity of California roads and the abundance of riders in the state make it a hotspot for fatal motorcycle accidents as well as major injury motorcycle crashes

How Often Do California Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

A recent article from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune pointed out that motorcycle accidents are so prevalent in Southern California, that only major accidents make the news anymore. The article states that motorcycle-involved fatalities have more than doubled since 1997. Which is a disheartening fact that motorcycle accident attorneys are all too aware of. Motorcycle deaths account for just over 15% of all California motor vehicle fatalities. Including more than 14,000 motorcyclists injured in motorcycle accidents inside state lines every year. 

How often do California motorcycle accidents happen? Every day. 

Despite these daily accidents, a significant portion of riders goes without compensation. However, of those who do receive a settlement for their injuries, many do not realize that the money they are receiving isn’t anywhere close to the actual value of their claim. 

In order to revive the maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries, or for your family member’s motorcycle accident fatality, contact motorcycle accident attorney Sweet James today. 

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident that has resulted in injury or death, seek the help of an expert attorney. Employing legal counsel will not only ensure you are treated fairly, but it is your best chance of receiving the high settlement you deserve. Motorcycle accident attorney Sweet James has recovered more than $500 million in compensation for his client’s injuries and he can help you too. Above all, our team is here for you and your family during this difficult time.


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