8 Car Accident Preventions to Keep You Safe

Driving can be a risky venture or a leisure trip. Use these eight car accident preventions to avoid becoming a statistic on the road.

Getting behind the wheel and driving on the road can be intimidating and scary for some drivers. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a new driver, you can never get on the road with the mindset that a car accident won’t happen to you. It can happen to anyone!

Although you can’t always be in full control of what will happen when you’re driving, you can have a good amount of control by using a few car accident preventions as the driver. The best way to avoid accidents is to take a proactive approach. Approach the roads with caution and expect the unexpected.

Don’t let it become a risky venture each time you get behind the wheel. Instead, allow each drive to be a leisure trip by following these accident preventions. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Check Your Blind Spots

When on the road, it’s essential that you check your blind spots each time you switch lanes or make other changes requiring you to use your mirrors. Rearview and side-view mirrors work well for catching other cars, pedestrians, and other items that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, but they can’t catch everything.

Each mirror in your car has a blindspot. Use your mirrors first, then check your blind spots, then check your mirrors again to ensure the path is clear. Look over your shoulder or lean a bit forward to catch those pesky blind spots.

You should also be aware of other cars’ blind spots. Take note when you might be in someone’s blind spot and try to avoid staying in this location for too long.

2. Set All Distractions Aside

Some distractions you can’t leave at your home, such as your children or your cell phone. You can, however, be sure to set all distractions aside while driving. You’ll want to have your cell phone with you while in your car in case of emergencies.

Place the ringer on silent and place it in the glove compartment if you feel tempted to look at it while driving. Children can become restless while in the car, especially if it’s for a long time. Bring snacks, water bottles, toys, and other forms of entertainment to keep them content and less of a distraction for you.

3. Adhere to Speed Limits

Speed limits are set in place for a reason. The speed limits are set dependent on different circumstances. If a certain speed limit is placed on a road, then it’s most likely because this is the highest speed you can travel on that road while remaining safe.

If you fail to stick to speed limits, you place yourself at a higher risk of getting into an accident or losing control of your vehicle. It’s also important to note that you don’t want to go too slowly either. This is a good tip to follow when on highways as driving too slowly could cause other cars to crash into you.

4. Don’t Forget Your Turn Signals

Your turn signals will let other drivers know what your plan of action is. Even if a lane looks clear with no cars coming up on you, you still need to use your turn signal. If the car driving behind you also wants to switch into that lane, they might get over at the same time you do.

This situation could cause an accident. If you let the driver behind you know that you’re planning on switching lanes, then they can plan accordingly as well.

5. Check Your Tires and Other Features

You may not remember to check your tires each time before driving, but it’s a good habit to get into. If you can’t remember to do this, then at least remember to check them before long road trips.

Check the inflation of your tires and be sure you don’t have a flat or a tire that’s going flat. You should also check the tread on your tires because tires with little tread can cause you to lose control while driving.

Aside from your tires, take the time to check other car features including your oil, any check-engine lights, and more.

6. Train in Poor Weather Conditions

Driving in poor weather conditions puts even more of a strain on you as the driver. There will be times when the rain is pouring down, and you can’t see as well out the windshield. There will be times when the sunsets at the perfect angle to block your vision.

There will be times when there’s snow or ice on the ground, creating a more dangerous driving environment. Practice driving in these conditions before getting on the road with other drivers. You can practice on back streets or in parking lots until you feel comfortable.

7. Never Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving or driving under the influence of any type of drug can put you at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. You should never drink and drive even if you’ve only had a few drinks.

Following this tip will protect yourself and all of the other drivers on the road.

8. Drive Defensively

When you’re in charge of the vehicle you’re driving, you can do certain things like these tips listed above to be a safe driver. There are plenty of things that you can control when you’re behind the wheel, but what you can’t control is the other drivers.

Driving defensively means preparing for the worst. For example, if a car is approaching a stop sign and you’re driving past them, prepare for that person to run the stop sign. The same is true for red lights.

Don’t trust other drivers on the road, because you never know when someone else might make a mistake. Drive defensively, and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding these drivers.

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