Will Ferrell Released from Hospital After SUV Crash

Will Ferrell Released from Hospital After SUV Crash

Actor Will Ferrell has been released from the hospital Friday and is said to be fine after a two-car freeway collision Thursday evening in Orange County.

The crash occurred shortly before 11:00 pm on the Interstate 5 near Mission Viejo. Ferrell’s SUV, which was in the carpool lane, was flipped over after being struck by a vehicle on it’s right side. This caused Ferrell’s car to collide with the center divider and overturn.

Ferrell and three other passengers in the vehicle were taken to the hospital after the accident. Although Ferrell did not sustain any significant injuries, one passenger suffered major injuries, while the remaining two experienced minor injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The driver of the other vehicle was not harmed nor were they detained or ticketed.

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