USPS truck accident

USPS Driver Dead, Truck Accident in Garden Grove

USPS truck accidentThe truck accident in Garden Grove took place early Sunday morning.

The crash was caused by a suspected drunk driver, which was fatal to the driver of the USPS big rig.

The 26-year-old suspect reportedly lost control of his Honda while driving east on the 22 Freeway through Garden Grove. He hit a signpost and guard rail and then spun to a stop facing the wrong way in the slow lane of the freeway. The driver exited his vehicle and walked to the shoulder of the freeway.

The oncoming USPS truck was unable to avoid the crashed Honda. It collided with the front of the sedan, then crashed into the center divider. The second collision overturned the big rig, which subsequently burst into flames.

The driver of the big rig was killed in the accident. The DUI suspect was taken into custody by California Highway Patrol officers.

Driving drunk is reckless not only because the driver can hurt themselves, but also because they can create hazards for others. A drunk driver might be able to walk away from an accident they caused, but they also run the risk of causing a destructive accident when they leave their wrecked car behind.

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