Tim Conway Jr | Simply the Best

Tim Conway Jr | Simply the Best

Tim Conway voices an advertisement on KFI AM 640 for accident attorney Sweet James Bergener.


Alright you may need a lawyer and if you want a great lawyer there’s only one guy I recommend, Sweet James Bergener.

He is the guy. And he’s gonna give you excellent advice if you’ve been in a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip & fall, pedestrian, wrongful death, or a dog bite

And let’s say something happened to you over the weekend. You’re driving around and somebody rear-ended you while they were texting. Well you’re hurt. You’re injured. And you’ve gotta get better. You gotta get better emotionally, you gotta get better psychologically, you gotta get better physically and monetarily. And James Bergener will sit there and listen to your case and tell you whether he can help you out.

That’s what he does for a living. And I’ve had three or four meetings with him. And he’s a very bright guy and awfully caring. You can tell that immediately about him when you meet him.

Alright, that being said if you want to call the best I’m going to give you a phone number.


Again, don’t get screwed, call James Bergener.

Question? Call 1-800-881-2021 for a free consultation or visit Bergener Mirejovsky.

We are California personal injury attorneys serving accident victims throughout the state. Specialities include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & falls, police brutality, dog bites & other personal injuries.


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