Business Expo Center in Anaheim


It was another successful year for the Sweet James team at KFI’s Law Day this past weekend. Hosted at the Business Expo Center in Anaheim for the eighth year in a row, Law Day has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to congregate with other prestigious law firms of varying specialties and practice areas and provide in-person consultations for potential clients in need of legal services.

The most important service the team at Sweet James can provide is giving a voice to men, women, and children who want to recover after a personal injury accident and move on with their life. KFI’s Law Day gives us the chance to meet one-on-one and provide legal advice to those who might otherwise not be able to afford an attorney.

If you missed KFI’s 8th Annual Law Day, you still have a chance to receive a free strategy session if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Give a member of our team a call at (800) 500-5200, any day or night, for a consultation tailored to the specifics of your case.

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