Slow Your Roll

Slow Your Roll

A Missouri woman named, Troy Tucker, has filed a lawsuit against the Sikeston-based restaurant chain, Lambert’s Cafe, for being injured in the eye after a dinner roll was thrown at her.

The restaurant is known as the “Home of Throwed Rolls” where servers will lob their dinner rolls across the restaurant to guests.

The lawsuit was filed against the restaurant on Tuesday August 11.

Tucker exclaimed that during her visit to the restaurant, she was hit by a dinner roll which caused serious injuries.

The female victim sustained a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment as well as head, neck and vision were damaged.

The¬†practice of throwing dinner rolls is considered “defective condition” of Lambert’s Cafe. The suit claims the restaurant was fully aware of the dangers of this practice.

Tucker is seeking at least $25,000 to compensate for her medical bills and legal fees.

Currently, the female victim has already accrued $10,000 in expenses due to the “carelessness and negligence” of the restaurant.

Had the woman never been there? Was she unaware that people do this? Because it seems to me that if this is a general practice at the restaurant, she should have had some expectation of that risk. And maybe the giant sign in front that says “Home of Throwed Rolls” should have tipped her off.

Unless that particular throw of the roll was exceptionally negligent, this just seems like a great way to spoil the fun for everyone else.

If a world where servers throw food at patrons is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


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