Rating Pizza Hut Croutons on the Mohs Scale

Rating Pizza Hut Croutons on the Mohs Scale

Hard croutonsA Tennessee man of Roane County sued the pizza chain, Pizza Hut, for having excessively hard croutons.

Everett Chatman filed a lawsuit against Pizza Hut for “negligently serving at defendant’s restaurant excessively hard croutons.”

The crouton that the man bit into was so hard, it caused damages to a specialized partial denture in his mouth.

With any of these cases the devil is in the details. Where did the crouton rank on the Mohs hardness scale?

I mean, if we are talking lower than “talc” then this might be a frivolous case. But if the poor guy was biting into the equivalent of a nicely seasoned piece of quartz, then Pizza Hut should take care of him.

The customer’s attorney claimed that they initially approached Pizza Hut and their insurance company to try and resolve the issue before filing a lawsuit. However, there was no response from them.

The judge awarded Chatman $2400 in addition to interest and legal costs against Pizza Hut.

It’s probably fair but I’m still a bit suspicious of the plaintiff. Who goes to Pizza Hut for a salad?



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