Petros & Money | Head-butted by Trent Dilfer

Petros & Money | Head-butted by Trent Dilfer

An oldie but a goodie, this Petros & Money ad tells you what to do if you’re head-butted by Trent Dilfer (spoiler alert) call Sweet James Bergener.


Sweet James Bergener of Bergener and Associates. You got something to talk about Dave?

Let’s say somebody comes and matts your hair down. And then you get fired because of it from Sports Net LA. Then you might want to call Sweet James Bergener and sue whoever patted your hair down and screwed it up.

Seriously though, if you’ve been in an accident and an insurance company owes you money – any kind of accident. Car accident, motorcycle accident, if a dog has bitten your balls, slip and fall, wrongful death, head butted by Trent Dilfer.

Give Sweet James Bergener a call 800-881-2021

He’s great! He’s a personal injury attorney that cares about people, he’s a good man. He’s got a Dense Beard of Justice. He’s going to lower that beard upon your opponent. And he’s not going to let them out of that thickety jungle until they settle.

Sweet James and Associates has accrued over 200 Million dollars for their clients and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Even if you’ve got a cold going around during the holidays.

800-881-2021 or

Don’t go it alone. Let James help you. Give him a call – trust me.

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