Petros & Money | Bergener! Bergener! Bergener!

Petros & Money | Bergener! Bergener! Bergener!

Petros Papadakis of the Petros and Money Show on AM 570 KLAC talks about his friend and attorney Sweet James Bergener. Don’t donate your rights to an insurance company and don’t get screwed!


What’s crackin everybody? It’s Petros Papadakis. I wanna talk to you about my friend, my lawyer, Sweet James Bergener of Bergener & Associates. Not every lawyer gets you results, but Sweet James does.

If you’re in a car accident you have rights! Don’t open your wallet and donate your rights and entitlements to rip-off insurance companies. You think they have your best interests in mind? No they don’t!

Sweet James Bergener does though. Bergener & Associates has secured over $200 Million in settlements for their clients. And that’s what I’m talking about.

Don’t push aside the pain you’ve had from an accident where somebody owes you money. Don’t get screwed!

Bergener! Bergener! Bergener! I wanna hear it!

Sweet James Bergener, a real attorney. My guy, he’ll wrestle anyone who gets in the way of winning the best settlement for you. So call him.

Some people give marginal legal advice, but Sweet James Bergener is a man! He’ll win your case. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, whatever. 800-881-2021.

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