Child Fatally Strangled by Etsy Teething Necklace

A San Bernardino mother is pursuing a wrongful death claim against Etsy on behalf of her son who died while wearing a teething necklace purchased off the site.

In 2016, a child was found dead at a Fontana childcare after his Baltic amber teething necklace tightened around his neck and did not release. The product is supposed to have a releasing safety clasp to prevent suffocation accidents. However, the one from Etsy had a screw-on clasp.

The necklace was purchased as a gift meaning the mother never agreed to any of Etsy’s legal disclosures depicted in their Terms of Use.

The mother’s attorney is pursuing a wrongful death claim against Etsy and the company that produced the product.

No parent should ever suffer the tragedy of losing a child. If your child was injured or killed due to a defective product, taking legal action may seem overwhelming, but you have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim on your child’s behalf.

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