Man Steals Cars Tries to Sell it Back to Owner

Man Steals Cars Tries to Sell it Back to Owner

Tom Funicello spent two weeks searching for his stolen car thinking he’d never have it returned. However, the story took an odd turn when the man who stole the vehicle attempted to sell the car back to Funicello.

Marquis Whipple was arrested on Wednesday and charged with grand theft auto after stealing a 1998 Toyota Camry.

Funicello reported his car had been stolen from his home in Boynton Beach on June 11. Two weeks later he received a call from Whipple offering to sell his car back to him for $200.

The original owner of the vehicle couldn’t believe the phone call, but told himself he needed his car back.

After the phone call, Funicello contacted Boynton Beach Police to report the incident. The officers helped Funicello set up a time to meet with Whipple to buy the car back.

The suspect questioned Funicello if he was being setup multiple times over the phone.

Funicello never showed up to the meeting point. Instead Boynton Beach Police were waiting at the gas station in an unmarked police car.

Whipple was arrested as soon as he arrived. He claimed that he bought the vehicle for $400 from someone else and was unaware the car was a stolen vehicle.

He even claimed he was being a good samaritan for selling the car back to the owner.

Whipple probably realized he couldn’t sell the car to anyone else so he figured he can sell it back to the owner.

The car was returned back to Funicello, but the back window was smashed in, the ignition was jammed, and the engine was damaged.

However, Funicello is happy to have his car back.

Whipple was taken to Palm Beach Jane and later released two days later on $7,500 bail.


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