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Los Angeles Man Sues L.A. Dodgers over Security Guard Assault

dodgers security guard assaultA Los Angeles man is seeking $2 million in damages for a violent incident that occurred on April 24, 2018 at a Dodgers game. The victim alleges that his ankle was broken during an attack by Dodgers security guards.

The victim was celebrating his birthday at a Dodgers game with several friends when one of his friends accidentally spilled beer on a fan seated in front of them. The fan became irate and called for security guards. They asked the victim and his friends to leave the game.

While standing with a group of approximately 10 security guards, the victim announced that he needed to use a nearby restroom and began walking toward it. Three guards grabbed him and threw him to the ground, then several more of the guards joined in the fray. During the struggle, the man’s ankle was broken.

The security guards eventually handcuffed the victim and took him from the stadium in a wheelchair.

The victim’s complaint states that he was the victim of assault and battery and accuses the Dodgers of negligent hiring practices.

According to the victim’s attorney, the victim’s broken ankle required several screws to repair and still causes him pain. The victim is seeking damages to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.

Being the victim of assault and battery is a terrifying experience that can leave you with devastating injuries and long-lasting emotional distress. If you have been the victim in an incident of battery, you may believe that your only recourse is through a criminal case.

However, because assault and battery are part of a class of civil wrongs called intentional torts, you can pursue a civil case against an assailant whether there is a criminal case or not.

Receiving a fair settlement in personal injury claims for intentional torts such as assault or battery can be difficult. The most important part of an intentional tort claim is proving that the person who caused the injury meant to do so. Without the assistance of someone experienced with these types of claims, the insurance company will brush you off by claiming that their insured did not mean to cause you harm.

At Sweet James, we have years of experience in winning assault cases for our clients. We understand how to investigate and negotiate in these circumstances to ensure that you receive the maximum possible settlement.

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