Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | The Bergener Name

Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | The Bergener Name

Heidi Hamilton of the Heidi & Frank Show on 95.5 KLOS talks about a real case her attorney Sweet James Bergener recently had where he was able to increase the settlement offer 60 times the original offer just by attaching his name to the case.


Have you ever found yourself in need of an attorney and you just don’t know if it’s the kind of case that could really benefit from having one? Well you have to pick up the phone and call my buddy James Bergener, the Dense Beard of Justice.

Here’s why you should check him out. He told a story recently, a true story, guy calls his office and he’s been injured and he’s being offered $250 for a neck injury. And neck injuries are pretty serious stuff. So Bergener and his associates decided to take the case and immediately the guy’s offer goes from $250 to $15,000. And that’s just because it’s Sweet James Bergener who called up. The name alone bumped the offer 60 times the original offer.

So I’m telling you, if you need a personal injury attorney pick up the phone and call him. He is good at winning cases. Sweet James Bergener has collected over $200 Million for accident victims and keep in mind, you don’t pay him anything unless he wins your case for you. So you don’t have to worry about the money aspect of it. Call him before you do anything else.

Question? Call 1-800-881-2021 for a free consultation or visit Bergener Mirejovsky.

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