Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | Call Somebody

Heidi & Frank | 95.5 KLOS | Call Somebody

Heidi Hamilton ad for Sweet James Bergener on the Heidi and Frank Show 95.5 KLOS.


Have you been wondering if you need an attorney or don’t need an attorney?

A lot of time this happens – and I’m talking about personal injury – maybe you’re involved in a car accident, slip and fall, maybe you got bit by an animal.

Whatever it is – whatever situation where something happens and maybe a friends goes, “I think you should probably call somebody.” And you’re thinking, “I don’t know I’m probably fine.”

And you don’t want to call anybody because you don’t have money for an attorney. Well do yourself a favor. Pick up the phone and call my buddy, the Dense Beard of Justice, Sweet James Bergener – his phone number 800-881-2021. Just put that phone number in your phone. Just so you have it.

Hopefully you’ll never ever need it. But you’ll feel comforted knowing that you do have it. 1-800-881-2021. You can also learn about James Bergener on his website at sweetjames.com.

And the great thing about James Bergener is that you don’t pay him any money unless he wins your case. You don’t have to worry about that.

And speaking of winning cases, Sweet James Bergener has collected over $200 Million for accident victims. Which means he is good at what he does.

Call him before you do anything else. 800-881-2021 or check him out at sweetjames.com


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