Frivolous Lawsuits: Michael Jordan Looks Like Me

Frivolous Lawsuits: Michael Jordan Looks Like Me

Frivolous lawsuits give personal injury law a bad name. But on the bright side, when someone loses after bringing a ridiculous lawsuit, it makes for good laughs.

I’ve heard all kinds of stories. Many of them make it to the media, some are urban myths. Other cases seem frivolous, but once you hear the details you might change your mind.

Every once in a while I like to reach back in time to highlight one of my favorites.

Michael Jordan Looks Like Me

Wanna be like Mike? A six-foot-tall Oregon man has suffered some major trauma. People keep mistaking him for Michael Jordan (he claims). And it’s caused him emotional distress to the tune of $832 million.

Allen Heckard looks like Michael Jordan as much as I look like Brian Wilson. Maybe even less so.  It also never occurred to him that shaving his head daily and wearing Air Jordan shoes might not be the best way to mitigate his “damages.”

Nevertheless, Heckard sued Michael Jordan for emotional trauma in the Washington County Court. Constantly being mistaken for Mike was having a negative effect on his lifestyle (presumably he was scared people might think he was really bad at baseball).

Almost unbelievably, this isn’t an urban legend. Allen Heckard exists and did sue Michael Jordan. He eventually dropped the charges. Perhaps he was scared of being stuck with court fees. But Michael Jordan and Nike claim they didn’t pay a dime to make Heckard go away.




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