Personal Injury Lawsuit In Arizona

How To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Arizona

If you are hurt in an accident, you are not alone. A personal injury lawsuit in Arizona can be a complicated, drawn out process. But with the help of an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney like Sweet James, you can rest easy knowing that your claim is being handled quickly and efficiently, allowing you the space and peace needed to heal. 
Arizona personal injury lawsuits happen when someone is injured, either physically or emotionally, or killed due to the wrongful act of another. After the injury or wrongful death, the victim or victim’s family can file a personal injury claim. They can file against the offending party, in hopes of recovering damages. 
As one of the state’s leading Arizona personal injury attorneys, Sweet James has helped thousands of individuals. These victims attempt to pursue compensation from the person or company that wronged them. Typically a monetary settlement, it is proven that injured parties receive larger sums with the help of a lawyer. 
In order to file a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona, you must follow state law. From properly estimating the value of your damages to filing with the right court during a strict time period, dealing with a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona can be confusing for a victim just trying to get their life back to normal. This is why it is crucial to your recovery that you contact top Arizona personal injury attorney Sweet James before accepting any settlement or filing a claim. 
As a personal injury attorney, Sweet James has made it his mission to support injury victims as they stand up against their wrongdoers. Here are his tips for filing a successful personal injury lawsuit in Arizona: 

What Type Of Personal Injury Claim Can I File?

“What type of personal injury claim can I file?” – This is one of the most common questions Arizona personal injury attorneys receive during their initial consultation with clients. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the origin of the claim is an important factor in determining the type of personal injury law that applies. 
If you are injured on private property or government property, your personal injury lawsuit would be a premises liability claim against a person, company, or public entity. Filing a claim against a public entity, or the government, has its own set of rules and statute of limitations. Due to the complex nature of filing a lawsuit against the Arizona government, it is crucial that you seek the advice of counsel. 
Sometimes injuries are the result of another’s negligence or general carelessness. Personal injury claims as a result of auto accidents are an example of a standard negligence claim. 

What About Your Injuries?

When your injuries are caused by a professional such as a doctor or therapist, your personal injury claim would be a professional malpractice claim. These claims are tricky to navigate, as doctors have listed liability and most patients sign waivers exempting their practitioners from legal ramifications. If a professional harms you, you still have rights, even if you signed a contract. Consult with Arizona personal injury attorney Sweet James in order to determine your next steps. 
Many personal injury lawsuits are filed due to defective product injuries. Known as a products liability claim, determining liability can be difficult. That is because most products go through several hands before consumer use. A skilled Arizona personal injury attorney can assist you in determining who is liable for your injuries. 
Lastly, clients approach many personal injury attorneys wishing to file a lawsuit following an accident at work. A person seeking compensation after a work injury or death would need to file a worker’s compensation claim. A industrial or worker’s compensation claim is unique to a typical personal injury claim in that your personal injury attorney does not need to prove fault or negligence in order to successfully recover worker’s compensation for their client. 

The Process Of Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Arizona

While each process of filing a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona is unique to that specific case, most lawsuits filed in Arizona courts follow this structure: 

  • Filing a complaint in the correct court
  • Issuing a summons to the defendant(s)
  • Filing an initial disclosure statement
  • Go through the discovery process
  • File a motion to set and certificate of readiness
  • File a summary judgement motion
  • Official ruling and judgment 

The first step in filing a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona is to determine which court your claim should be heard in. Depending on the nature of your injuries, your case is seen in one of the following three Arizona courts: 

  • Small Claims Court
  • Justice Court
  • Superior Court

It is crucial to the success of your case and your ability to recover that you hire the right personal injury attorney. Failing to properly execute a step in the personal injury filing process can cost you the case. Even just missing one small detail can lose you thousands of dollars. Don’t let yourself lose due to a silly technicality. Contact personal injury attorney Sweet James today to get started on a successful filing process. 

Contact Sweet James, Arizona’s Leading Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re injured, you deserve a fast recovery. Insurance agents and negligent parties will drag their feet in getting you a proper settlement. An unfortunate reality is that you need your bills paid. In addition, an unfair settlement after an injury can leave you paying thousands in medical expenses out of pocket. Sweet James won’t let this happen.
As an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney, he knows exactly how to win your case and get you the money you need to get back on track. Contact him today for a free consultation and begin your healing process in a meaningful way.


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