Escaped Prisoner Returns for Health Benefits

Escaped Prisoner Returns for Health Benefits

Clarence David Moore, 66, who was using the name Ronnie Dickinson, turned himself in after escaping prison nearly 40 years ago because he needed health care.

Moore has been living in Frankfort, Kentucky with a fake alias of Ronnie Dickinson. On Monday April 20 Moore called the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to turn himself in.

Deputies arrived to Moore’s home and found the fugitive was partially paralyzed and unable to walk due to a recent stroke he had suffered. As the escaped prisoner wished, he was taken in an ambulance to a hospital for examination before being taken to the Franklin Country Regional Jail.

Sheriff Pat melton explained that Moore had escaped a total of three times from state prisons. The first time Moore escaped was in 1971 while he was serving an eight-year sentence for larceny, but was found several hours later. The second escape was a year after he was captured from the first escape but was captured in 1975.

His third escape on August 6, 1976 was his final escape where he remained on the loose for almost four decades.

Moore’s health began deteriorating and his fake alias did not allow him to receive a valid social security number, closing the door to receive any form of health care.

The fugitive was arraigned on Tuesday and waived extradition to North Carolina on charges of being a fugitive from a different state. He is being held without bond.

Whatever happens now, he wont be able to go back to the prison he escaped from because it has been closed since 2002.


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