Georgia Man Gets DUI on Riding Lawnmower

Georgia Man Gets DUI on Riding Lawnmower

It’s true, you can get a DUI for operating a lawnmower while drunk. Here in California, you don’t even need to be riding something with a motor. Bicyclists can be ticketed or arrested for pedaling while above the legal limit of intoxication.

In Georgia, a resident of Moultrie was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence while operating a lawnmower.

Moultrie police officers spotted Alvin Jake Singletary enter the roadway on a Craftsman Lawnmower.

The officer witnessed Singletary merge into a lane in front of traffic to make a left turn.

As the patrol officers watched the driver, they noticed he was holding a half empty alcoholic beverage.

Singletary realized he was being followed by patrol officers and attempted to hide his beverage between his legs.

He continued to drive the lawnmower in front of the officers as his drink sloshed around as he struck a curb.

Finally when officers approached Singletary, they claimed he smelled of alcohol and his eyes were glazed and slightly red.

A portable intoxilyzer was used to check Singletary’s blood alcohol content which was 0.253. That is more than three times the legal limit.

Singletary was arrested. He refused to participate in the test that examines the results of the portable intoxilyzer.


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