Drunken Man Crashes into Police Station

Drunken Man Crashes into Police Station

The job of law enforcement was made a bit easier when a drunken man crashed into a police station in Ohio.

Police reported hearing a loud bang just after 9 P.M. They were shocked to find a car halfway inside the conference room.

According to reports, while driving down Oxbo Road, the suspect, who lacked self control, also lost control of his car. His vehicle continued onto the landscaping through a concrete sign before smashing into the conference room of the station.

No injuries were reported by anyone inside the station. The driver was taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries. He is expected to have a massive hangover.

He is being charged with driving under the influence with a suspended license. Police did not need to travel far to make that arrest.

Luckily the drunk driver obliged the public by crashing into a police station. But often these cases end much more tragically. Drunk drivers are dangerous to your personal safety.

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