Driver Blames Dog For Causing Car Accident

Driver Blames Dog For Causing Car Accident

A 33-year-old Florida woman is blaming her dog for causing her to strike an apartment complex in Sumter County.

When Wildwood police found the driver, Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood, at apartment on Huey Street, she admitted she was driving the vehicle when she struck the building.

Lamoreaux claimed she left the accident scene because she was planning on paying for the damages.

However, she blamed the crash on her dog. She claimed her dog should be arrested for causing the collision.

According police authorities the woman smelled of alcohol and appeared confused. When authorities attempted to get Lamoreaux to take a sobriety text, she refused to do so.

She then became hostile and refused attempts to be handcuffed.

The driver was charged with a DUI, hit-and-run involving property damage, and resisting arrest.

Lamoreaux was later released from Sumter County jail after posting $2,500 bond.

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