Don’t Pull Your Own Teeth in Traffic

Don’t Pull Your Own Teeth in Traffic

In our line of work here at Bergener & Associates it’s understandable that we take safe driving pretty seriously. Sometimes we may even go overboard in the measures we recommend to prevent accidents.

So we hope you will understand that it’s simply in our overabundance of caution that we recommend YOU DON’T PERFORM SELF DENTISTRY WHILE DRIVING A SEMI-TRUCK!

An Alabama truck driver had a tooth that felt a little loose. So he took both hands off the wheel, because that’s what you’ve gotta do when you’re trying to achieve the optimal efficiency of hauling cargo while performing your own tooth extraction.

Unfortunately, when he rolled his 18-wheeler, that efficiency he was going for really took a hit as he broke his big rig and caused an 11 hour traffic delay on Interstate 20.

It’s a bad idea to assume that anything goes without saying these days. So here you go: Please, friends, don’t practice dentistry while driving.


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