Danny Trejo Saves a Child After Car Accident in Sylmar

On Wednesday afternoon, Danny Trejo witnessed a tragic two-car crash in Sylmar. He sprang into action and saved a child who was trapped.

Around 3 p.m., a sedan ran a red light and struck a Ford Explorer. The SUV overturned, leaving three people in need of hospitalization. Due to the severity of the accident, some of the victims were trapped. Among those that needed rescuing was a child and grandmother.

Trejo and another bystander stepped in and saved the day.

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What to Do as a Witness of an Accident

In some cases, stopping at the scene of an accident can be the difference between life and death. Here are the basic steps you should follow if you’re ever a witness checking in on victims of a severe accident:

  • Slowly approach the accident and park safely – As you approach the scene, be aware of your surroundings. Park your vehicle a good distance from the crash so emergency vehicles have room to park.
  • Call 911 – Someone could be injured, so calling the authorities should always take precedence.
  • Help with caution – Depending on the severity of the accident, offer to assist the accident victim or calm them down. You shouldn’t move someone if they’re critically injured because you could make their injuries worse.
  • Give an honest statement – Witness testimony is crucial after an accident. Always share important details with officials.

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