Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak “Appears to Be Over”

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak “Appears to Be Over”

Prepare for the lines. The CDC announced that the Chipotle E. coli outbreak “appears to be over.”

The exact cause of the outbreak is still unknown. The CDC investigation concluded that the contaminated food was probably a common ingredient that was mixed or cooked together with other food.

Since October there have been two separate E. coli outbreaks infecting at least sixty customers across eleven states.

Because the cause or source is still unknown, the CDC can’t be completely certain there will be no further outbreaks. However, no new infections have been reported since the beginning of December.

E. coli wasn’t the only health slip-up Chipotle faced in 2015. More than two-hundred Simi Valley Chipotle customers were infected with the norovirus in August. In Minnesota, over sixty customers contracted salmonella from contaminated tomatoes.

Chipotle is fighting the bad press by upping their food safety game. On February 8th, Chipotle will close all of its North American stores to have a food-handling meeting. They also plan to spend $14 to $16 million testing food samples and hiring food-handling experts.

Food and product recalls can be serious. Many people wonder if they can sue a restaurant when they become sick. The answer depends on a few factors. The level of negligence involved in the restaurant is important. It’s also important to document how their negligence has affected you.

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