Bank Robber Posts Heist To Instagram

Bank Robber Posts Heist To Instagram

On Monday May 4th, Dominyk Alfonesca, 23,  was arrested after posting his alleged bank robbery on his Instagram profile in Norfolk, Virginia.

Alfonesca posted his plans to rob a bank on his Instagram. The photo consisted of a letter he was planning on handing to the bank teller at the time of his heist.

Following the photo of the letter, the suspects next posts were videos of the actual bank robbery. The video posts show the interaction between him and the bank teller.

The bank teller complied to Alfonesca’s request and he recorded as he was hand hundreds of $1 bills.

Virginia Beach Police officers arrested Alfonesca shortly after he walked out of the bank with $150,000 and took him to a local jail. He is being held without bail.

During an interview with the alleged bank robber, he said he didn’t do this for the money. It was more to gain attention. I hope the detectives were able to figure that one out before being told.

He was not wearing a mask or holding a weapon and believes he really didn’t do anything wrong.

Virginia Beach Police department has not released any statements and it is unknown of Alfonesca has retained a lawyer. He’ll need a good one.


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