Baby Bengal Not Allowed at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Baby Bengal Not Allowed at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

A woman visiting from Dubai on Monday April 6th was trying to enter the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World was denied entry after Cast Members told the guest she could not bring in her baby Bengal tiger.

The park guest attempted to bring a baby Bengal tiger into the theme park and was she was denied entry, began arguing with Cast Members. The visitor become extremely angry and started claiming that Disney was making up the rule that “no tigers allowed” on the spot.

It should not be surprising to anyone that someone who owns and carries around a baby tiger would become upset after being told “no” about anything.

After the woman spoke with Disney Guest Relations, Cast Members assured her that the baby Bengal would be taken care of during her time inside the theme park.

Disney contacted Central Florida Zoo caretakers and they agreed to take care of the Bengal tiger while the woman was visiting the Magic Kingdom.

The Walt Disney World website says that service animals are allowed as long as they are leashed and always in control of the guest. The service animals cannot be controlled by Cast Members at any time. Yet, the site does not clarify specific rules regarding what kind of service animals are allowed in the park.

Disney did not officially comment on the situation, but Cast Members at Magic Kingdom and Disney Guest Relations have confirmed the event did occur.

Disney really did the right thing here. Tigers, even baby tigers, can be quite unpredictable. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that a pet baby tiger could become aggressive and bite a guest or cast member.

If you’ve been bit by a baby service tiger or any pet, give us a call and tell us your story. We can help you figure out if you’re eligible for compensation.


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