Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on Maple Avenue [Fresno, CA]

Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash at Maple Avenue [Fresno, CA]
Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on Maple Avenue [Fresno, CA]

One Hospitalized after 2-Car Collision near Church Avenue

FRESNO, CA (November 15, 2022) – Saturday night, an unidentified driver sustained injuries in a two-vehicle crash on Maple Avenue.

The collision occurred just before midnight, on November 5th, along Maple Avenue near Church Avenue. 

According to officers, one driver ran a red light and collided with another vehicle at the intersection. The impact of the collision left one of the drivers with injuries.

First responders then took one of the unidentified drivers to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

Meanwhile, officials stated that alcohol does not appear to have played a role in the crash. Investigators are trying to figure out what happened in the crash at Maple Avenue and will release further information once available.

One small driving mistake can lead to multi-vehicle accidents. That is why it is essential always to keep your attention on the road and your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel. Always anticipate what other drivers might do, especially on a highway, a freeway, an interchange, or a service road. Also, do not put yourself and your passengers in danger by speeding and taking shortcuts. By driving defensively and always abiding by all traffic laws, you can keep yourself and others safe on the road.

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