One Injured in Motorcycle Crash near Chandler Boulevard [Chandler, AZ]

1 Injured in Motorcycle Crash near Chandler Boulevard and Ithica Street [Chandler, AZ]

One Injured in Motorcycle Crash near Chandler Boulevard [Chandler, AZ]

One Motorcyclist Hospitalized after Accident near Ithica Street

CHANDLER, AZ (September 23, 2022) – Wednesday afternoon, police responded to a motorcycle crash near Chandler Boulevard and Ithica Street.

The incident happened on September 21th shortly before noon just west of McQueen Road involving a motorcycle and a FedEx Truck.

According to police, the motorcyclist collided with the truck for reasons currently unknown. He suffered serious injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Furthermore, Chandler Boulevard and Ithica Street were blocked but were reopened by 2:00 p.m., and motorist were able to drive through.

Meanwhile, police are still conducting an active investigation to determine the cause of the crash. No other information has been provided.

It is important to observe proper caution when riding a motorcycle. Do not underestimate the bike’s speed. When turning or changing lanes, use hand and turn signals to give other drivers enough time to slow down and prepare for you to get over. To increase visibility, wear brightly colored clothes and reflective tape. For other drivers, check all your mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before merging with traffic or changing lanes, especially at intersections. Also, allow more following distance when behind a motorcycle. This gives them more time to react or stop in case of an emergency. Create safer roads and save lives by abiding all traffic laws and observing safety precautions.

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