Rebecca Griffiths Arrested after DUI Crash on W. First Avenue [Chico, CA]

Rebecca Griffiths Arrested after DUI Crash on W. First Avenue [Chico, CA]

Rebecca Griffiths Arrested after DUI Crash on W. First Avenue [Chico, CA]

Victim Hospitalized after West First Avenue DUI Crash

CHICO, CA (October 25, 2021) Authorities arrested Rebecca Griffiths after a DUI crash at a Chico intersection Wednesday morning.

According to the police, the collision occurred around 12:50 a.m. when a green Ford Mustang with white racing stripes ran a red light.

As a result, the suspect crashed into a westbound vehicle at the intersection of W. First Avenue.

Afterwards, the Mustang enters the traffic signal control box and controls the traffic lights.

Eventually, the officers arrived at the scene and arrested 19-year-old Rebecca Griffith for felony DUI.

Meanwhile, paramedics transported the driver to a hospital with minor injuries.

Chico officials are investigating the DUI crash.

Thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination are essential in operating a vehicle safely. However, these are impaired when alcohol and certain medications or illegal drugs are in the body. Never drive while impaired as the consequences can be devastating for you and for others. When buzzed or drunk, it is best to request an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. If possible, reach out to a family member or a friend to come and pick you up. By being responsible, you can keep yourself and others on the road safe.

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