Binh Tran Arrested after Hit-And-Run Crash on Fulton and Pierce St. [SAN FRANCISCO, CA]

Binh Tran Arrested after Hit-And-Run Crash on Fulton and Pierce St. [SAN FRANCISCO, CA]

Binh Tran Arrested after Hit-And-Run Crash on Fulton and Pierce St. [SAN FRANCISCO, CA]

Hit-And-Run Driver In San Francisco Left Elderly Woman Injured

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 28, 2021) – On Friday, San Francisco police arrested Binh Tran after a hit-and-run incident that left an elderly woman injured.

Initially, the collision happened on Wednesday (July 21) at the corner of Fulton and Pierce streets.

Furthermore, investigators claimed that a white sedan vehicle struck the elderly victim walking on the crosswalk.

However, the suspect immediately fled before the responding officers even arrived at the scene.

Eventually, paramedics transported the 88-year-old woman to hospital for treatment.

Later on, the San Francisco officials identified the suspect as 63-year-old Binh Tran of San Francisco.

Officers arrested Tran for suspected hit-and-run on Friday.

The authorities are further investigating the incident.

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