2 People Inured in Crash on Cajalco Road [MEAD VALLEY, CA]

2 People Inured in Crash on Cajalco Road [MEAD VALLEY, CA]

2 People Inured in Crash on Cajalco Road [MEAD VALLEY, CA]

2 Hospitalized After Two-Vehicle Crash Near Mead Valley

MEAD VALLEY, CA (July 23, 2020) – A car crash on Cajalco Road left two people injured near Mead Valley late Sunday night.
According to Riverside County fire officials, there were two vehicles involved in the accident. It was not clear, however, what type of vehicles.
The authorities responded to the collision at about 11:03 p.m. in the 22000 block of Cajalco Road. They said firefighters had to extricate two people from the wreckage. No information was available on whether both people were pulled out from the same vehicle.
The unidentified patients suffered serious injuries. Paramedics rushed them to the hospital for treatment and further evaluation.
At this time, the cause and circumstances leading up to the incident were unknown. The investigators are probing further on the case.
As a driver, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our passengers and everyone around us. When behind the wheel, always abide by all traffic laws and follow the conditions of the road. Drive defensively and always be aware of the unique risks of operating a vehicle. Do not resort to speeding. Remember that willfully disregarding traffic laws frequently lead to auto accidents that can completely change a person’s life.

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