Officers Injured in High-Speed Pursuit Crash on 25 Freeway [Sierra County, NM]

Officers Injured in High-Speed Pursuit Crash on 25 Freeway [Sierra County, NM]

Officers Injured in High-Speed Pursuit Crash on 25 Freeway [Sierra County, NM]

Truth or Consequences Police Chase Ends in Crash, Injuring 2 Officers

SIERRA COUNTY, NM (July 14, 2020) – Two officers of the New Mexico State Police (NMSP) suffered injuries in a high-speed pursuit crash on 25 Freeway.
The Sunday night chase happened at about 10:30 p.m. A police officer attempted to stop a vehicle that matches the description of a possible drunk driver. However, the suspect driver did not stop, triggering a high-speed chase.
The driver then came to an abrupt stop on the 25 Freeway near mile marker 73, causing one police car to rear-end another police car. Both police cruisers subsequently collide with the suspect’s vehicle.
Two officers sustained various injuries in the impact. One of them was airlifted to El Paso for non-life-threatening injuries. The second officer, on the other hand, received treatment at Sierra Vista Hospital. Both officers have since been released from the hospital.
Meanwhile, the NMSP did not inform on whether there were any arrests made in relation to the incident. However, the investigation is ongoing.
It is a law enforcement officer’s duty to conduct traffic stops to serve and protect the community. It could be a stressful situation for both the driver and the officer. It is important to remain calm when an officer is attempting to pull you over. Find the nearest and safest area to pull over and then park your car. Stay in the vehicle until the officer gives you further instructions.

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