One Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Double R Boulevard and Meadows Parkway [Reno, NV]

One Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Double R Boulevard and Meadows Parkway [Reno, NV]

One Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Double R Boulevard and Meadows Parkway [Reno, NV]

Person Hospitalized After Collision Involving Motorcycle and Car in Reno

RENO, NV (June 16, 2020) — One person sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident on Double R Boulevard and South Meadows Parkway on Friday.
Reports from the Reno Police Department indicated that a motorcyclist collided with a car at the intersection. The car reportedly failed to yield the right of way while turning. As a result, it struck the motorcycle.
The police confirmed that paramedics transported one person to the hospital with minor injuries. It was not clear, however, whether it was the motorcyclist or an occupant of the car.
Meantime, the names of those involved in the crash were not immediately available. The incident remains under investigation.
Failing to yield the right-of-way is one of the most frequent causes of traffic collisions. If you see a yield sign ahead, be prepared to let other drivers crossing your road take the right-of-way. If there is no yield sign and you are pulling into a highway, slow down or stop if necessary and yield the right-of-way to traffic. It is important to drive in a safe and legal manner and always abide by all driving laws to avoid causing or increasing the risk of accidents which may have devastating consequences for you and for others.

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