What To Do After A Phoenix Bus Accident

Bus accidents are a serious matter. From city buses to school buses, Phoenix bus accidents typically involve multiple people and can cause major injuries and death. If you or a loved one has experienced an Arizona bus crash, our team of dedicated Phoenix bus accident lawyers are here to guide you through the healing process to make sure you recover in full. 
As Phoenix bus accident lawyers, Sweet James and his firm have first-hand knowledge of how devastating and traumatic a bus accident can be. From our children being injured to ourselves, dealing with the shocking aftermath of a Phoenix bus crash can be a tremendously difficult time for all involved. 
This is why it is so important to have a leading Phoenix bus accident lawyer by your side as you begin your journey to recovery. The laws regarding bus accident liability are complex, and dealing with third parties like insurance companies can be draining. From the day of your injury until you get your settlement check, Sweet James will be there to handle the hard stuff, leaving you and your family the space and time to heal. 
Bus accidents are a problem throughout the country. However, in Arizona, bus accidents are a significant concern. In 2018, Arizona recorded a whopping 13,722 truck and bus accidents, which accounted for 5.50% of overall Arizona accidents that year. Of those thousands of accidents, 118 are fatal, 3,329 caused injuries, and 10,257 damaged property. 

Phoenix Bus Accident History 

Phoenix bus accidents happen more often than you may realize. Seldom do all Phoenix bus crashes make local news, but the ones that do can be truly shocking. As a personal injury attorney, Sweet James has seen a number of scenarios occur in the Phoenix area, including: 

Chandler School Bus Accident

In January 2020, a bus carrying 16 students became involved in a multi-vehicle collision on its route to Hamilton High School. An SUV crashed into a sedan, which prompted a chain reaction causing the sedan to collide with the school bus. A bus passenger and the bus driver suffered injuries. 

Tempe Union School Bus Crash

In January 2019, a school bus crashed through the East Valley freeway median, striking several barriers before exiting the freeway and barreling almost 2,000 feet into the desert.

Phoenix Bus Stop Crash

Four people were critically injured while waiting at a Phoenix bus stop in January 2020, in a chain reaction accident. Two vehicles collided, sending one of them into the bus stop and waiting passengers.   

Phoenix School Bus Accident

In January 2009, an elementary school bus crashed out of control for nearly a mile after the driver lost consciousness. In this situation, more than a dozen bus accidents took place, with 26 victims of accident injuries. Injuries ranged from minor to catastrophic, with many of the victims being children. 

Phoenix Bus Accident

In July 2019, a school bus rear-ended another school bus in the HOV lane on the busy eastbound Loop 101. 

Car Crashes Into Phoenix Bus

In 2019, a car rear-ended an Arizona bus, causing major damage to the car. The motorist suffered injuries, but the occupants of the bus were not. This crash occurred in the vicinity of the heavily traveled Interstate 17. 
Almost all of these situations warrant the expertise of a leading Phoenix bus accident lawyer. From minor injuries to dependent children, to major driver injuries and property damage, Phoenix bus accident lawyer Sweet James has helped those who have suffered due to Arizona bus accidents. 

Who Is Liable To In A Phoenix Bus Accident? 

Bus accidents refer to all types of accidents involving what is conventionally viewed as a “bus.” These accidents can include: 

  • School bus accidents
  • Airport shuttle bus accidents
  • Hotel shuttle accidents
  • Private bus accidents
  • Greyhound accidents
  • Public transportation accidents
  • Metro bus accidents

Both bus passengers and bus drivers have the right to pursue damages after a Phoenix bus accident, by filing a personal injury lawsuit with an experienced Phoenix bus accident lawyer. 
Determining liability in a Phoenix bus accident can be a complex matter, as multiple parties are involved and Arizona liability laws apply. However, it is important to note that the Arizona Supreme Court does not recognize the common carrier doctrine. As a result, that means that Arizona bus drivers are only legally required to exercise a “reasonable” degree of care as opposed to the “highest” degree of care. 
Arizona law also absolves public entities and public employees, like Metro drivers, from punitive damages. So long as a public transportation bus driver acted within the scope of their employment, they cannot be held liable for punitive damages. In addition, Arizona courts will reject any victims attempt to pursue them. 
After a Phoenix bus accident, personal injury attorney Sweet James and his dedicated team of Phoenix bus accident lawyers will work to determine who is liable for their client(s) injuries. From the bus driver themselves, their employer, another driver, or an outside hazard, one or more parties may be responsible for a portion of a client’s settlement claim. Working with so many parties and insurance companies can be daunting, thankfully Sweet James is ready to fight for you. 

Bus Accident Settlements

Phoenix bus accident settlements are categorized in three ways: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. 
Economic damages include medical bills, future medical costs, property loss, and property damage. 
Non-economic damages would pertain to pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, among others. 
Punitive damages apply to whomever caused the accident. However, only if they are not a public employee and their negligence is egregious enough to warrant it. 

Sweet James Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

A dedicated bus accident attorney can help you. They can help you maximize your recovery and compensation. Sweet James and his team have recovered over $500 million for their clients. As a result, they can handle your case, as well. Contact Sweet James today for your free consultation.


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