What To Do If You Are Injured In An Uber Or LYFT Accident

While it is in your best interest to contact your Uber or Lyft accident lawyer immediately after an accident, you should also have a checklist ready to go in case the unexpected ever happens. This Phoenix Uber passenger accident checklist will help you to be prepared if you are in a collision while a rideshare passenger. 

Your Uber Passenger Accident Checklist: 

Check For Injuries

As soon as the accident occurs, check for injuries on yourself, any other passengers and the driver. If anyone is unresponsive, or you yourself are on the ground and in pain, do not attempt movement. Moving someone while unconscious or severely injured could result in catastrophic injuries or disability, due to spinal cord injuries. 

Dial 911

After assessing the situation, dial 911. Regardless of what the driver may tell you, it is important to get the police on the scene, as well as medics. 

The police will be of value to you, as a police witness and a police report will help you win your settlement down the road. Your Uber accident lawyer will use this documentation to prove the severity of your accident and the injuries you are seeking compensation for. 

An officer can also help deescalate a situation, and get you to safety, if your driver is being unruly or if there is another agitated party on the scene. 

In addition to alerting the police, a call to a 911 operator will get you medical assistance. Even if you do not feel like you have injuries, it is important to get checked over by a professional. The adrenaline following the shock of an Uber accident can mask injuries. These accident injuries can become serious and have life-altering consequences if left untreated. Your Uber accident lawyer will also want a record of these medical reports, as they will also be key evidence when proving your claim. 

Document Everything

From getting a copy of your police report and medical report to taking photos of the scene, documenting everything you can will only serve to help you in the future. Take photos of all vehicles involved, the scene of the accident, your injuries, and any damaged property. 

In addition to photos, document any signs of negligence you see, whether it be your own Uber driver’s on another party involved. Memories can be hazy, so having a written recollection of the incident will be a huge asset. 

Do Not Touch That App

Uber or Lyft may argue that reporting the accident through their app, per their help site recommendation, is a vital item on any Phoenix Uber passenger accident checklist. This is not so. Like Sweet James said earlier, Uber’s first interest is keeping Uber safe, not their users. This means that anything you say to them can and will be used against you to discredit your claim. Never admit fault, never accept a settlement, never sign anything, without first speaking to your Phoenix Uber accident lawyer. 

Do Not Talk To Insurance Agents

Insurance agencies make their money by collecting high premiums and never paying out. Through one loophole or another, getting them to give you the true full value of a claim is seldom without a fight. While an agent may seem like your friend, the harsh truth is they are running a business. Some agents are forced to pressure you to accept a claim well below its actual value, and will harass you with nonstop phone calls, making healing a hard and anxiety-ridden process. Don’t let the bad guys win; let Uber accident attorney Sweet James help. 

Call Your Phoenix Uber Accident Attorney Sweet James

After you are in an Uber accident, call your lawyer! Sweet James has dealt with hundreds of cases just like yours. As a result, he knows how to fight back against all the tricks used to devalue passenger injuries. With him on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you will get the maximum settlement without ever having to deal with the hard stuff yourself. After an accident, your time and energy should be focused on healing and recuperating, not complex liability law. Contact Sweet James today and get back your peace of mind. 

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