Clovis Isaacs Died Two Months after Car Crash on Mission Road [Tucson, AZ]

Clovis Isaacs Died Two Months after Car Crash on Mission Road [Tucson, AZ]

Clovis Isaacs Died Two Months after Car Crash on Mission Road [Tucson, AZ]

Clovis Isaacs Succumbed to Injuries Two Months after Car Crash on Mission Road

TUCSON, AZ (December 14, 2019) – 75-year-old Clovis Isaacs died two months after being involved in a three-car crash in Tucson.
According to the Tucson Police Department, the car accident happened on October 1 near Mission Road and Via Ingreso.
Isaacs was a passenger in a Ford pickup moving northbound on Mission Road near the Via Ingresso intersection. Then the driver of a southbound Ford Expedition failed to stop before turning left as the traffic signal changed to yellow.
The collision caused the Expedition to slam in front of a Honda Odyssey minivan.
Paramedics brought the victim and additional occupants in the Ford pickup and Expedition to a hospital. They sustained serious-to-life-threatening injuries.
Isaacs later succumbed to her injuries on Monday, December 9.
Detectives cited the driver of the Ford Expedition for failure to yield while trying to make a left.

No words can mend the broken hearts and sorrow felt during this delicate moment. Our deepest condolences and sympathies are with the family and friends of Clovis Isaacs.

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